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Ljubljana, 20 ott - 20 nov 2015

Milano, 14-19 aprile 2015

Losanna, 25-28 settembre 2014

Milano, 8-13 aprile 2014

Dōjō is a Japanese term which literally means 'place of the way' and refer to a formal training place for all the japanise Do art, but is also used to describe the meditation halls where Zen Buddhists practice zazen meditation. Placed with the stars and the four main elements, the Dōjō is itself a representation of the harmony of the universe. With its simplicity and charm of its light, Dojo lamp points the way toward perfection.


Designed by Gellner for a private villa and reissued by Studio_Gellner in 2014, Dojo lamp has become now a true design icon: simple, joyful and contemporary.



Dojo lamp is now available:


* two lamp position: 0° and 45° 

* dimension (LxAxP): 18,8 x 50,5 x 24,5

* lamp and support: painted metal

* color: snow white

* weight: 

* IP65 certification (coming soon!)

* totally handcrafted in Italy




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